Celebrating Syria: A Festival of Arts and Culture

10-23 July 2017

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A fortnight of exhibitions, film, theatre, live music, talks by writers, panel discussions and interactive art workshops exploring Syrian arts and culture before and after 2011.

The 2011 revolution marked a turning point in Syria’s history that has resulted in unprecedented changes to Syrian society and to Syrians’ cultural identity. These shifts are, in turn, having a great impact on the arts and on culture both in Syria and amongst Syrian artists in exile. Much of the art that will be featured at the festival reflects the changes in Syrian arts and culture since 2011 and has been created by Syrians who have fled the country as a result of the war. 

The news from Syria and the sadness, death, and misery that continues to pour out from the unrest must be juxtaposed against another vision of Syria – one that is filled with beauty, creativity and rebirth. This festival is a celebration of this hopeful, inspiring and imaginative face of Syria and the Syrian people and their rich contribution to the collective history of human expression. 

Festival events take place in a range of venues across Manchester, and we welcome all ages. While there is a small fee for entry to events, admission is free for refugees and asylum seekers of all nationalities.


Watch this short clip showing various events and activities from our successful Celebrating Syria 2017 festival

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Duo Zamaan

Noma Omran: Syrian Notes

Ayman Jarjour: A Syrian Guitar

London Syrian Ensemble


Damascus Stories


Silvered Water: Syria Self-Portrait

La dolce Siria: A Short Film Trilogy



Parallel Republic Exhibition


Time for Creativity

The Art of Lettering

Author Meets Public

miriam cooke: Dancing in Damascus: Creativity, Resilience and the Syrian Revolution

Diana Darke: My House in Damascus


My Films, My Freedom, My humanity: Independent Cinema Under Dictatorship.

Khaled Khalifa Talks From Damascus

Panel Discussions

Syria’s arts and culture before and after 2011

Does art create change or react to it?


Make Maté, Not War: a Taste of Syria

Book Sale

List of books on sale at Celebrating Syria Festival

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