What does ‘home’ mean to us? What emotional connection do we have to the word and the concept? Is a ‘citizen of the world’ a citizen of everywhere, anywhere or, actually, of nowhere?

How does our relationship with home change when our home moves, or when we move away from home? Can we take home with us? Can a homeless person feel more ‘at home’ in a sleeping bag in a supermarket car park than a rich man sleeping in a mansion?  

Come along and take part in this free-flowing conversation which will surely resonate with your own experiences …


Dr Mustafa Alachkar

Mustafa is one of the coordinators of Celebrating Syria Festival. He grew up in Aleppo, Syria and graduated in medicine in 2003 before coming to the UK in 2005 to specialise in psychiatry and psychotherapy. For his master’s research, he looked at resilience among Syrian refugees in the UK.


Image: “Syria before and after” by Moustafa Jano, part of the exhibition ‘The Creative Memory of the Syrian Revolution‘, which is on throughout the duration of the festival.


Tue 09/10/2018

17:30 – 19:00



2, Tony Wilson Place
M15 4FN
United Kingdom

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